Mountain hotel Tabite Maxim is situated on the ridge of Stara planina over the town of Apriltsi. It was built at the end of the 70s of the last century, and completely renovated in harmony with the modern requirements so that it offers excellent conditions for accommodation, dining, entertainment and group events. Situated in extreme conditions, high in the wild nature of the Central Balkan National Park, with its comfort and modern conveniences it offers you the best combination of both.

Mountain hotel Tabite Maxim is with restricted access for members of the club and their guests or booked in advance accommodation and specified menu.

Our goal is to offer you to touch the nature, in the calm depths of the mountain, to enjoy the starry sky and amazing views in a peaceful and quiet setting. To provide you with everything you have and in the big city, combined with home-like coziness and warmth offered by the hospitable staff. We will try to make you feel special by all the things you are offered, and you can also have in many other places, but almost nowhere combined at one and the same place. We will bring you back, although for a short time, to the really precious things of life, forgotten in the busy daily life.